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The question is not "will I sell my business?”

Rather, it is when will I sell my business?


At some point in time you will transfer your business to someone else.  You should choose the time and method of disposition of your business. The best time to sell your business is when you want to and when someone else wants to buy it.  Business Brokers Corporation has a data base of qualified buyers and can search the world for your buyer, and do the search in confidence, so that your customers and employees do not know that the business is on the market.

The time to sell is when you want to.  Business Brokers Corporation has been successfully serving buyers and sellers in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa, as well as several other areas across the US for over 39 years.
Ray Elwood, the founder of Business Brokers Corporation, has been in the business of guiding business owners through the complicated process of selling, what with many, would be their "baby" and their most valuable asset in terms of dollars.

During the process of preparing your business for market and introducing your business to the market, Business Brokers Corporation treats, with sensitivity, your confidentiality.  In many cases, it is not wise to let your competition or your customers know that you are marketing your business for sale.  Our goal is to guide you through the process to a satisfactory conclusion, as we have done for hundreds of business owners since 1983.  


Ray has earned the coveted professional designations of M&AMI (Mergers and Acquisition Master Intermediary) from the M&A Source and CBI (Certified Business Intermediary) from the International Business Brokers Association.  During the often confusing process of buying and selling, Ray stands ready to optimize your transaction by:
       ** helping you to evaluate your goals
       ** aiding in the valuation of your business
       ** Identifying better and profitable prospects
       ** Clarifying overall investment potential
       ** helping you select public service professionals, attorneys and accountants, who can provide the necessary counsel to assure successful transition of ownership.


We invite you to meet with Ray to determine the best way forward in your goal of selling your business or in your pursuit of business ownership.

We are conveniently located halfway between Lincoln and Omaha

133 No. 14th Street
Ashland, NE 68003

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